Battle Rules




This competition is based on your ability to create a picture perfect cut. You are allowed to use color, fibers, or any tools you need to create the picture perfect cut. You will be judged on fading, shape up, overall look of the cut, and naturalness. Any hair style is acceptable, but judges must see transitions from fading. The more natural the fade or blend, the higher the score.








This battle is an everyday cut battle that is all about a good clean haircut. The low fade must be a true low fade not mid or high. The length on the top must be at least 1.5″ and the sides must be bald to show full transition. Model will be judged on fade, transitions, shape up, beard, overall cut.





This is for any barber that wants to show off their artistry skills and creativity from simple to the most complex design. Barbers will be judged on how creative and clean their cut/design is. There is no color used in this competition during the competition, but you may pre-color with permanent color at least 24 hrs before competition. There are to be no pre-cuts. Barbers will be judged on the complexity, creativity, the design, and overall haircut. There are no extra points given or deducted for color usage. Theme Outfit is not judged in this competition but is welcomed.






































360 WAVE CUT - 

The 360 Wave Cut competition is a competition based on how well the hair is trained and overall haircut. Things such as waves connecting, symmetry, neatness and haircut are factors that we look at. Hair must be at least a no 2 length. Low fades and tapers are the only type of fading allowed. No enhancements of any kind allowed (color included).

Judging criteria: 

Wave symmetry, Line Up, Neatness of Waves, Neatness of Cut.



This competition is for the fastest of the fast, the best of the best. If you can’t finish a hair cut in 15 minutes. Models must have at least a #2 length on top or higher, no pre-cut, no lines, no shape ups. Hair will be cut to no lower that 1 1/2 on top to bald on sides. Barbers will be judged on the speed, blend of the fade, how tight the line is, and the overall cleanliness of the haircut.

TOTAL LOOK – 45 min

Total look competition is a competition where the outfit and the hair are judged equally. Your total look can be anything from movies to sports whatever you choose. Keep in mind the judges must know what your idea is portraying so make it something you think they will be familiar with. Models will be judged on creativity, haircut, difficulty.





This battle is for the student that wants to show the self where they stack up against the other students out there. It is a fade competition that is all about the cut. You will be judged on precision of fade, shape up, and overall haircut.



OLD SCHOOL – 45 min

This competition is a throwback to the 80’s haircuts like Flat top, Gumby, Staircase, with parts and or color.
The judging will be based on cleanliness of cut, fading, shaping, overall look of the cut. Designs are accepted but will not give you extra points.