Diamond Cuts Education Platform Series

  • Diamond Cuts platform Educator line up for Orlando:

The Pepe Experience (Tampa ) - Angel Raws (Jacksonville) - Steve Trujillo (Orlando) - Kris Loko (Tampa)- David hiland. (Nashville TN) - Sipp the surgeon (Dallas TX) - Adrian Lima. (Tampa) - Stilo (Orlando) - Gabe (wpb) - Drew da Barber  (Tampa)

Introducing the Xotics HAIRBATTLE Tours Diamond Cuts Educational Platform Series.  

What is it? 

Diamond Cuts is the best newest way to fuse Platform Artistry, education, and brand marketing in one intense 15 minute  showcase. 

How does it work?

8-15 (depending on city) of the best Barber Educators perform a clinic on a precut haircut. From simple to over the top intricate and eye catching styles are all welcome.  Educators are encouraged to go into their bag of tricks with their showcase.

Each educator has 15 minutes to demonstrate to the full attention of the entire audience the finishing touches of the hairstyle of choice. Meanwhile explaining what products, techniques and and inspiration were used to create their look. This provides an opportunity for sponsors brands to be fully represented and demonstrated in front of the entire audience with undivided attention.  This opportunity allows the educator a chance to promote anything they are doing in the future and give the audience a window into how they educate. This may also bring more attention to the educators other projects. 

All educators are awarded.