Sponsor A Battle

 The easiest way to promote your brand is by sponsoring one of our battles. When you sponsor a battle you’re basically paying the winner of the battle but what you get in return is well more than worth it. What this means is that you will be paying the winner of the competition with your sponsorship. What you will get is logo placement on Social Media, website and all printed materials if you catch the print date. You also get a banner placement alongside the head banner in the venue. Banner will be supplied by sponsor. If you have cutting capes with your company logo we will have all contestants wear your cutting cape during that particular battle. You will also be allowed five minutes on stage to have complete audience focus to demonstrate or talk about your brand.








(See deck for pricing)



Social Media Impact

  • Over 511,700 hashtags on IG
  • Over 900,000 impressions on social media per month.
  • 10,000 flyers distributed per show
  • 15,000 active users of the Hair Battle Tour App
  • Over 300 personal barbershop invites to current city
  • Winner placements in Cut Chemist BW magazine
  • Full promotion on BarbersIncTV (428,000+ followers)

Team Xotics Social Media Impact

  • IG @xotics over 72,800 followers
  • IG @xoticsproducts team over 100k followers
  • Facebook over 25,000 followers
  • Twitter over 4,000 followers
  • YouTube team over 1,000,000 views


Our Sponsors


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