THE THREE 2 ONE SHEAR CUTTING TECHNIQUE BY ELIJAH MACK) 4 HR. LA 1/27/2020 (Free $300 shear with class )

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Mon Jan 27 10am-2pm  


The most innovative shear cutting method in the imdusty, 

the Three 2 One is minimalism at it's finest. Establish length, form & texture effortlessly. This unique system is the ultimate hybrid of barber & stylist cutting techniques. Whether you're a barber or stylist, the Three 2 One will turn everything you thought you knew about shears upside down. Simple. Efficient. Effective. Easily master shear work & change your cutting game forever.

Elijah Mack Is Without Question One Of The Most Influential Barbers That You've Never Heard Of.

Bridging The Gap Between Barber & Stylist Since 1999. Mack's Merging Of The Urban Styles & Ethos Of America's Black Barbershop Culture With The Spirit & Styles Of The Punk Rock Movement Would Set Him Apart From His Peers. Mack's Unorthodox Take On The Craft Would Erase Stylistic Boundaries & Define Him As One Of The Earliest Progenitors Of The Current Worldwide Barber Culture That Transcends Barriers Such As Race, Gender, Creed, & Nationality.

In 2010 This Juxtaposition Of Cultures That Defines Mack's Artistic Vision Would Land Him A Spot As A Mainstage Platform Educator For The Andis Clipper Company, His Education Was Anchored In A Simple & Highly Effective Systematic Approach To Skin Fades That Would Establish Him As One Of The Definitive Clipper Cutting Experts In The Industry. 

In 2012 Mack Was Hired By The Emerging Scissor Brand Hattori Hanzo Shears As Their Lead Men's Haircutting Educator. Two Years Later In 2014 Mack Was Selected As The Artistic Director Of Hanzo's Barber Division. During This Time Mack Would Refine His Shear Work Into A Unique & Highly Effective System That Perfectly Complimented His Precision Clipper Cutting Techniques, Earning Him A Reputation As One Of The Most Respect Technical Educators In The Industry.